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Classes, Camps and Parties

Puppets, Craft, Masks & Drama                                                             

Enjoy making puppets. Benefit from Paula's free guidance and demonstrations. Learn puppet making and presentation, puppet play writing, mask and prop making, develop vocal technique, and enjoy drama fun.


Parties can be arranged for any age group. Please contact for further information about a fun party workshop, bespoke craft session or a puppet presentation, whether you are a day care provider with very young children or a residential home for older artists!

Summer Puppet Camps                                                               

Come along and join in the fun and become a puppeteer! Enjoy the art of puppet making. Design and make your own puppet, learn how to create a puppet voice, learn script writing, and master how to handle and present your puppet in The Puppet Room theatre! Or just have lots of craft and drama fun with the puppets. Suitable for all school aged children.

Please contact me for further information at

* Facilities for use at The Puppet Room include use of any tools or drawing equipment available, craft supplies, puppets, masks, clay and paper mache supplies, paints, fabrics and the The Puppet Room theatre.